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Mobile A/C and 609 certification classes

MACS Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Certification (Section 609)
  • Electrical Theory
  • Troubleshooting
  • Components
  • Equipment
  • Schematics
  • Pre testing
  • Post testing
  • Manual
  • Certificate
  • And More

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DC Electrical Training

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 FLEET training your way, for your technicians, at your facility.... call today for a quote for your custom training!
This training room could be:

1.More than paying for itself...
An article in Heavy Duty Trucking magazine explains:
"Investing in a training program can help you recruit and retain both new and seasoned technicians, help you "grow" experienced technicians, and make your shop more productive... We actually have a formula that shows our investment in training over two to three years gives us a 400 to 500% return on our investment."Read the entire article

2.Decreasing technician turnover...
Read what Avis did to achieve an amazing 2% annual turnover rate: "I think of ROI as return on instruction," Waters says. "If we can get a vehicle prepared right the first time, quickly and accurately, then we experience fewer breakdowns and have happier customers. This all translates into dollars for the company."Avis also experienced a secondary benefit from the new investment in technician training, a 2% annual turnover rate that defies the industry average of 30%. Read the entire article in Auto Rental News

3.Reducing your liability...
Every time a vehicle is repaired and leaves your shop a potential liability risk arises....Good effective training can minimize if not eliminate this liability/risk. Training that certifies technicians in specific skills and knowledge can prove competency in any legal arena. Read it all in Government Fleet Magazine

Think training costs too much?
When looking for areas to cut costs, company managers sometimes overlook the steep price tag that high employee turnover carries. But according to a recent study, a new hire typically needs 12 to 13 1/2 months on the job to become 100% proficient. When a veteran employee leaves and is replaced by someone new, your rental operation loses productivity for months to come. A location with heavy turnover never catches up....

...Since one of the leading drivers of employee turnover is insufficient training, you can have a major impact on your operation´s bottom line by improving your training program.
Read the whole article in Auto Rental News

Auto Technicians
Technicians need 609 Certification?
Call us about our in house all in one 609 class and proctored certification testing. Certify all your techs at one time.

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